Proteus Research


Proteus is a full service agency

Our history is in automotive market research. Our experience is extensive from whole product and features, through to dealer performance and advertising/marketing. We also work in other business areas as diverse as fashion and pharmaceutical.


Automotive also covers commercial vehicles, where a large volume of our work is conducted.


Over the years we have been asked to design many different types of project; often at the forefront of developing new ways of doing things. We also work closely with PR agencies, providing research to enhance and support campaigns across various industries.


Here’s what we do a lot of;

A Full Service

We offer the whole package; so that means from attending your first meetings to discuss why there's a need for research through to workshops in how to use the data and what it means for an organization.


Years of working with the full range of methods available to our industry means we can advise on the best approach.


Some of our clients like to use just part of our service, and we give that as much attention as working on full scale stragetic thinking projects.


We build teams to tackle some of our more advanced and demanding work and are trusted to deliver by some of the world's most high profile companies.

Passenger & Commercial Vehicle 

customer satisfaction tracking

shopping sales & service

vehicle design & development

advertising & marketing


autonomous car

automotive components

connected car

driver assistance / safety

future ideas/directions/concepts

alternatives to ICE

Mobile Communications 

design clinics

practical testing

Transportation & Logistics 

mobile logistics

planning & system integration