Proteus Research




Our own Telephone Unit


The Technology Centre is where our own dedicated CATI telephone interviewing facility resides. We have capacity for thousands of interviews per week. The unit is also multi-lingual and operates 24hrs 7 days a week.


Not only do we use it for our own projects but it's often used for sub-contracted fieldwork from around the globe. The teams often recruit for groups, depths, hall tests and any other activity requiring gentle but skillful persuasion.


leathermarket Nats at desk alex the supervisor proteus team recruiting

a calm day in the phone unit


Thriving mixed business area


Based in the thriving area around Aldgate, it makes for an easy place to get to and an exciting environment to work in.


Lots of excellent restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, art galleries, boutique shops etc. etc. also make it a favourite location for our clients.